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Introducing Fresh Partners:

Measurable Marketing Solutions

Established in 1996 Fresh Partners continues to supply refreshingly different marketing solutions to the produce industry by keeping focused on the major decision maker—the Consumer

  • – The Consumer remains the ultimate decision maker of the value of your product.
  • – The Consumer is the only one who funds your business and all in the supply chain – they are the only ones who put the money into the chain.
  • – Fresh Partners marketing programs and research are consumer focused and provide measurable data through constantly seeking consumer opinion and feedback.
  • – Focusing on a product’s supply chain as a whole, Fresh Partners identifies opportunities to increase a products perceived value and appeal to the consumer which results in improved and sustained margins and returns.
  • – Leading technology and communication tools developed by Fresh Partners increasingly redefine the consumers buying environment but do not alter the time—proven principles of consumer marketing.


Core Values:


  • – Understanding, defining, communicating and proudly delivering while constantly measuring.


  • – Understanding, calculating measuring finance to create serious and unashamed wealth.


  • – Provide, earn and expect respect.


  • – Using all assets for opportunities to enhance personal finance, brand and industry positions.


  • – Brands are leading the evolution of innovation by seeking and measuring, implemented and displaying profitable improvements.



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